Anti-Cellulite Slimming machine and 100% hands-free technology

For lasting and efficient slimming and tightening results.

Mode of action

Originally, the BioEnergetics fields

Issued from scientific research, BodySculptor devices generate a BioEnergetic field that is completely harmless for the skin and organism.

The BodySculptor BioEnergetic field stimulates the calcium channels of the muscle membranes causing imperceptible muscle contractions.

This imperceptible muscle contraction induces energy consumption which stimulates the release of adipose cells.

There is a gradual reduction of unwanted body fat in the treated areas.

appareil champ bio magnétique

Reduction of

Body minceur

Reduced volume in areas with fat deposits

Appareil champ bio magnétique

Improved skin

In addition, the stimulating properties of the BodySculptor professional slimming device are accompanied by a clear sensation of muscle relaxation bringing an improvement in general tone and well-being.

Diagram of the biological action

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