Anti-Cellulite Slimming machine and 100% hands-free technology

For lasting and efficient slimming and tightening results.

Slimming device

Introduction to a professionnel slimming device, the Bodysculpor exCell+

BodySculptor exCell+


BodySculptor exCell+

The ideal thinness solution for your institute

Réduire sa masse grasse

The BodySculptor exCell+ (GEN3) is the latest generation BodySculptor device with a reinforced efficiency. It combines BioEnergetic Field with micropression. This fully hands-free technique allows the slimming of the silhouette by reducing the fat mass through the stimulation of biological mechanisms of the lipolysis, which allows the thinning process to begin.

Fonctionnement d'une solution minceur idéale
How it works ?

2 boots and 4 inductive straps cover all to-be-treated adipose areas: the face, the arms, the stomach, the waist, the thighs, the knees and the calves. This 30 minutes care is totally painless and non invasive. The observed results are an average loss of 2 clothes sizes after 12 sessions.

L'appareil minceur Bodysculptor pour la réduction de la masse grasse
To whom is this device addressed ?

The BodySculptor exCell+ easily becomes an integral part of aesthetic centers, spas and thalassotherapy centers. It is perfectly suited for professionals in search of a global hands-free care.

Mme Samson

Carnac Thalasso & Spa Resort - 56 Carnac

I am very satisfied with the BodySculptor device; the customers’ feedback is excellent. The installation and the use are easy. The care is both pleasant and efficient; the cm reductions are significant in particular at the waist and hips levels.

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