Anti-Cellulite Slimming machine and 100% hands-free technology

For lasting and efficient slimming and tightening results.


Strengths of the device

This device improves your
center’s profitability and notoriety
Scientifically and clinically
proven results.
No extra labour needed:
100% hands free.
It helps you to build
loyalty among your existing clientele.
It offers a new body shaping
line to supplement your
beauty treatments.

Our 2500 equipped centers have seen their
revenues increase significantly

Accompaniment from A to Z

1 Complete start up kit

3 Online campaign

2 Press releases

4 A well-developed after sales service

Nicolas Baumgarten

Lady Moving Saintes - 17 Saint Georges des Coteaux

Seduced by the concept that combines aesthetics and coaching, we have immediately placed our trust in this device.We have tested it for you on a panel of our members. Results: 100% success rate! From the 1 cm causing the trousers to lack style to the -9 cm of waist circumference… BodySculptor is the real solution for all women.

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