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Professionals and individuals testimonials

Jenny murphy
Jenny murphy

« God Save The Slim Center opened its doors in June, 2015 and BodySculptor plays an essential role in the thinness concept of the institute since its opening. Its capacity to stimulate the release of adipose cells coupled with its technique of ultra successful drainage made of this device one of the odds-on favorites of our very sharp clientele. I strongly recommend BodySculptor ExCell + to all institutes which would be in search of a hands free thinness performing device with sustainable results. It really works! »

Géraldine, center manager Pil Poil in Vannes

« I am delighted by the results obtained with BodySculptor: even recently a menopausal cliente lost 6 cms of waistline in spite of the hardening of her fats, without doing any sport, with a balanced diet, her cellulite became blurred. »

BODY VIP Manager

« I am very satisfied with the last BodySculptor generation : more results recognized and appreciated by my clients which is delighted. Much more effective both on the drainage and on the centimeters lost thanks to the boosted Bio Magnetic fields activation. »

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Carnac Thalasso & Spa resort

« I am very satisfied with the BodySculptor device; the customers’ feedback is excellent.The installation and the use are easy.The care is both pleasant and efficient; the cm reductions are significant in particular at the waist and hips levels. »

JULIE BRUNET Center Aquandfit

« I want to testify about the efficiency of BodySculptor. I acquired the device months ago, and I noticed since, a great improvement in my clients waists size, many of my clients lost between 3 to 6 cm around their bellies and thighs, and up to 2,5 cm around their arms. This type of cure imply a healthy lifestyle, a well balanced nutrition, and a regular attendance to the sessions ( 2 per week ) for the best results. I encourage you to try the BodySculptor experience, finally a working protocol ! »

Pascale CAUDRON, SLIM’Training (St Julien l’Ars)

« I wanted to testify of the BodySculptor efficiency. I purchased this device a few months ago and since I notice beautiful centimeters lost on my clients. Indeed, numerous of them lost between 3 in 6 cms at the level of the stomach, the thighs and up to 2.5 cms at the level of arms. This slimming treatment requires a lifestyle of life, a well-balanced food and to be diligent as for the regularity of the sessions (2 a week) but results are there. I encourage you to try the experience of BodySculptor sessions! »

Lady Moving Saintes – 17 Saint Georges des Coteaux
Lady Moving Saintes – 17 Saint Georges des Coteaux

« Seduced by the concept that combines aesthetics and coaching, we have immediately placed our trust in this device. » We have tested it for you on a panel of our members, the LADY in all her glory: from a waist size of 36 through 48, of different morphotypes (abdominal fat or saddle bags), of all ages (19 to 73 years old!). Results: 100% Success rate. From the 1 cm causing the trousers to lack style to the -9 cm of waist circumference… BodySculptor is a real solution for all women. »

Mr Cuttoli
Mr Cuttoli

« Offering the BodySculptor to my clientele was a huge success, we run sold-out everyday of the year, whatever the season ! The investment brings me a reel explosion to my turnover and my freedom.!»

BodySculptor user

« The beauty salon where I go had just acquired a BodySculptor presented as a real solution for slimming and firming.Out of curiosity, I wanted to test it.After 12 sessions with the device, I had lost 8 cm of waist circumference and my skin recovered the firmness of my 30ies.I am very happy with the results.! »

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